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Puma - AB Climbing shoes - Made in France

To equip yourself with a small budget, have a look on the Puma (blue colour only)!

Suitable for a variety of climbing styles - Ideal for beginners and climbing gyms- Upper 100% Microfiber - Made in France

Technical but comfortable climbing shoe hold by 2 powerfull scratch that are now inverted for a better fastening.Puma bleu 3/4

The shape was designed to fit feet with not too much folding of the toes, so the climbers who want to keep their feet relaxed still get the support they need on the front.

This model can be taken the same size as the trainer size so the toes are not folded in the shoe :

The volume on the toe box is low to keep it tight over the whole foot like a 2nd skin.

A very comfy model that can also be taken smaller for more experienced climbers.
It can be used everywhere (versatile) and is recommended for multi-pitch routes.

Puma bleu dessus

Upper 100% made of microfiber that enhances comfort and prevents the shoes from stretching after regular use.

Semi-rigid model offers excellent support which increase its variety of use.

Rubber: Formula Rubber Enduro (4.5mm)

Puma jaune 17 - 2

Picto Puma 2019 1/2
Picto Puma 2019 2/2

tableau tailles comparaison 2018

89,00 €TTC

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